March 28, 2020

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Fois Valentino (b. 1973-09-23 / d. 2008-03-28)

In 1998 he was detained for one year for having been found positive in the Tour of Switzerland and the Tour of Poland. In 2002 he was disqualified but, this time for three years, for having been found positive with Nandrolon. During this period Fois falls into depression and start taking psychotropic drugs, returning to the general public on September 9, 2007 when he was arrested for having broken in the office of the newspaper Il Giorno to steal two old laptop computers. He was then sentenced to 100 days of imprisonment, commuted in a penalty of 4 thousand euros.
He was back to the races on February 14, 2008 in the Giro della Provincia di Grosseto, but his revival was abruptly interrupted: Fois was found dead inside his home.

ECM Factorization. Download our free command line tool (64-bits)

We implementated our own version of Lenstra's elliptic curves method. We make use of python's multiprocessing module to try multiple curves at the same time and we are using gmpy2 for fast arithmetic computations.

The biggest number we factor so far is rsa-79 from Paul Zimmermann's challenges.

Currently, you can get a command line WIN64 through our installer that you can get below

Win 64-bit version here:
setup_ecmpy-amd64.exe (4.5MB, downloaded 197 times).

Send an email to for any comment or suggestion.

Enjoy! And feel free to share and report any champion value you may find.

BOGGLE: A gift from AA55 consulting for decently burying 2015
(and forget about it asap)

Please download and check out our free and superlative BOGGLE game. It is a windows remake of the famous BSD game of the same name (WIN32 build)

Be careful, it looks like a small and innocent thing. It finally appears to be rather addictive and will probably lower your productivity. You are warned!

boggle_setupx32V0_1.exe (7MB, downloaded 306 times).

Lsystem3DX: A gift from AA55 consulting

Please download and check out our L-system editor and displayer. It is a GUI for drawing L-systems (WIN32 build)

NOW a 3D version. Versions after 0.8 include contextual l-systems. There is also a fix in the scene lightening in the opengl window. Latest version can be downloaded here:

setuplsystemV0_9.exe (15MB, downloaded 744 times).

Please, note that you will need to uninstall manually any older version than 0.9.

Your PC may complain about the fact that this executable is not often downloaded, which is the truth actually. But we don't agree with it when it says that it might harm your computer. To force execution you will have to look for the right button somewhere on the window. Though not recommended, an older version can be downloaded here:

lsystem3D-0.7-win32.msi (23MB, downloaded 667 times).

You will be able to download the next release very soon. Keep looking at this page regularly.

This program was written in Python. A commercial version is available for building STL files. Send an email to to get conditions and download details of the unlocked version.

lsystem is a graphical user interface for drawing L-system images.

An L-system consists of an alphabet of symbols that can be used to make strings, a collection of production rules that expand each symbol into some larger string of symbols, an initial "axiom" string from which to begin construction, and a mechanism for translating the generated strings into geometric structures. L-systems were introduced and developed in 1968 by Aristid Lindenmayer.

And below the result "in real life" after 3D-printing the corresponding STL file:

On demand, by email, you can even get a corresponding STL file that will allow you to 3D-print your L-system

Play gounki

Please try this unique gounki game by clicking here. You can play 2 players or against a robot.

Please note that the game only works when our personal server is on-line, which is rarely the case.

Please, also note that the game is a work in progress, and currently does not work on Microsoft IE.

To learn how to play, please refer to the following site about Gounki : here


In November, 2007, the deadabase contained 1330 entries

In February, 2008, there were 1690 entries

In February, 2009, there were 2900 entries

In February, 2014, there are 3900 entries


The definition of 'garzol' is here

Taboo of the inside and taboo of the outside "Sur les Docks"

You will find here a translation of an interesting broadcast I listened to on 3/17/2008.

France Culture "Sur les Docks" about taboos With : Serge Lesourd et Marie-Frédérique Bacqué, psychanalystes ; David Le Breton et Thierry Goguel d’Allondans, anthropologues ; Yves de Peretti, cinéaste, et Patrick Banon, chercheur en sciences des religions. Lectures : Lionel Prevel Productrice coordonnatrice : Irène Omélianenko Producteur délégué : Christophe Deleu Réalisation : François Teste

A casual aphorism to think of

Wisdom is the province of the aged, but the heart of a child is pure

Hrundi V. Bakshi.

(weather in Vittel)

Definition of the word "GARZOL".
Based on poppycock