Nice Stats from the grave, we are happy to know about

Expected life time if you are 51, and still alive

Currently the average life time in the deadabase is 68.2632

But if you could make it to 51, then you are expected to last much longer: 77.5675

But if you could make it to 56, then you are expected to last much longer: 79.1038

And if you could make it to 60, then you are expected to last even much more: 80.3127

Actually, it appears that you spare about one quarter per year lived

The most smiling day to date

This is the date, for which there has not been any entry for the longest time. Hereafter are the 5 most smiling days

Smile for this nice day
Month Day One poor soul In year
October 26 Massu 2002
October 4 Joplin 2004
November 24 Bulsara 2005
June 15 Devos 2006
November 21 Bixby 2007

The job that makes you last longer

This is the occupation you should go for to live longer than your neighbour

Category "Religious" might be there because Popes certainly introduce a bias.

The golden job
Expected years of life Occupation
82.0000 Religious
80.7059 science (economics)
76.9257 Science (Physics style)
75.7391 Philosophy
75.7383 Directing

This is a good day for dying

This is the day with a maximum of entries

There should be more chance to die on one of these days.

The peaceful day
Count Month Day
26 January 7
24 February 11
22 July 29
22 February 13
22 May 23

Conversely, the occupation you should not have

Obviously, murderers are a major cause of bias in the category society.

People who try to keep being healthy through sport should be a little more wary.

The worst job
Expected years of life Occupation
49.6156 Sport
58.7901 Society
61.2105 Other
63.3021 Music
66.0000 Personal

Evolution of life expectancy through time

It is not cool, but I have to admit that politcians are right. Life expectancy seems to increase.

WWII Is likely to be the cause of the observable decreasing of life expectancy during the 40's and 50's.

Evolution of life expectancy
In Decade Expectancy (in years) # of samples
1920 58.1111 135
1930 58.9439 214
1940 58.4603 315
1950 58.0959 490
1960 58.9271 658
1970 59.7313 897
1980 61.0315 1239
1990 62.2474 1702
2000 64.2986 2304
2010 66.3167 3596
2020 68.2632 4650

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