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May 26, 2019

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Bellemare Pierre (b. 1929-10-21 / d. 2018-05-26)

He was a French writer, novelist, radio personality, television presenter, TV producer, director, and actor.


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Lauda Andreas Nikolaus (alias: Niki Lauda). 2019-05-20


Born 1949-02-22. Domain:Sport. Cause of death:Age

He was an Austrian Formula One driver, a three-time F1 World Drivers' Champion, winning in 1975, 1977 and 1984; and an aviation entrepreneur. He was the only driver in F1 history to have been champion for both Ferrari and McLaren, the sport's two most successful constructors. He is considered by some as one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time. More recently an aviation entrepreneur, he founded and ran three airlines (Lauda Air, Niki, and Laudamotion). He was also a Bombardier Business Aircraft brand ambassador. He was also a consultant for Scuderia Ferrari and team manager of the Jaguar Formula One racing team for two years. He worked as a pundit for German TV during Grand Prix weekends and acted as non-executive chairman of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport. Lauda owned 10% of the team. Having emerged as Formula One's star driver amid a 1975 title win and leading the 1976 championship battle, Lauda was seriously injured in a crash at the 1976 German Grand Prix at the Nürburgring during which his Ferrari burst into flames, and he came close to death after inhaling hot toxic fumes and suffering severe burns. However, he survived and recovered enough to race again just six weeks later at the Italian Grand Prix. Although he narrowly lost the title to James Hunt that year, he won his second Ferrari crown the year after during his final season at the team. After a couple of years at Brabham and two years' hiatus, Lauda returned and raced four seasons for McLaren between 1982 and 1985 – during which he won the 1984 title by 0.5 points over his team colleague Alain Prost. Lauda died in his sleep on 20 May 2019 in Vienna following a period of ill health, at the age of 70.


Pei Ieoh Ming. 2019-05-16


Born 1917-04-26. Domain:Art. Cause of death:Age

He was a Chinese-American architect. Born in Guangzhou and raised in Hong Kong and Shanghai, Pei drew inspiration at an early age from the garden villas at Suzhou, the traditional retreat of the scholar-gentry to which his family belonged. In the early 1980s, Pei was the focus of controversy when he designed a glass-and-steel pyramid for the Musée du Louvre in Paris.


Kappelhoff Doris Mary Ann (alias: Doris Day). 2019-05-13


Born 1922-04-03. Domain:Performing. Cause of death:Age

She was an American actress, singer, and animal welfare activist. She began her career as a big band singer in 1939, her first hit recording being "Sentimental Journey" in 1945 with Les Brown & His Band of Renown. She left Brown to embark on a solo career and recorded more than 650 songs from 1947 to 1967.


Gonzalez César Cuauhtémoc (alias: Silver King). 2019-05-11


Born 1968-01-09. Domain:Sport. Cause of death:Heart attack

César Cuauhtémoc González Barrón was a Mexican luchador enmascarado (masked wrestler) and actor. He was known best as Silver King, but also had an extensive stint as Black Tiger III, the third incarnation of the Black Tiger character. He was the son of luchador Dr. Wagner and the brother of Dr. Wagner Jr. González worked for many years with El Texano as the tag team "Los Cowboys," winning tag team championships in both Mexico and Japan. González worked for the Universal Wrestling Association (UWA), Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL), Lucha Libre AAA World Wide (AAA), World Championship Wrestling (WCW), All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW), New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and various smaller federations all over the world. González also starred as the villain "Ramses" in the movie Nacho Libre, starring Jack Black. In June 2010, González began using the ring name Silver Cain/Silver Kain when wrestling in Mexico City as a way to be able to officially be allowed to wear his mask again. During a match in Camden Town, London, England against Juventud Guerrera on 11 May 2019, González collapsed in the ring and died a short time after from a heart attack.


Bourguignon Anne (alias: Anémone). 2019-04-30


Born 1950-08-09. Domain:Performing. Cause of death:Cancer

She was a French actress, filmmaker and political activist. She took her stage name in 1968 from the title of her film debut in Philippe Garrel's Anémone.


Mayhew Peter William. 2019-04-30


Born 1944-05-19. Domain:Performing. Cause of death:Heart attack

He was an English-American actor, best known for portraying Chewbacca in the Star Wars film series. He played the character in all of his live action appearances from the 1977 original to 2015's The Force Awakens before his retirement from the role. His height was not a product of gigantism; "I don't have the big head", Mayhew said when asked about the cause of his height. His peak height was 7 feet 3 inches (2.21 m). Mayhew died of a heart attack on 30 April 2019 at his home in Boyd, Texas, at the age of 74.


Singleton John Daniel. 2019-04-29


Born 1968-01-06. Domain:Directing. Cause of death:Stroke

On April 17, 2019, Singleton suffered a stroke and was placed under intensive care. He reportedly began to experience weakness in his legs after returning to the United States from a trip to Costa Rica. On April 25, it was reported that he was in a coma, but his daughter claimed otherwise. On April 29, Singleton was removed from life support, and he died at the age of 51 at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.


Forneri Hervé (alias: Dick Rivers). 2019-04-24


Born 1945-04-24. Domain:Music. Cause of death:Cancer

He was a French singer and actor who began performing in the early 1960s. He was an important figure in introducing rock and roll music in France. He is known for being an admirer of Elvis Presley, who highly influenced both his singing and looks. His stage name came from the character, Deke Rivers, that Presley played in his second film, Loving You (1957).


Marielle Jean-Pierre. 2019-04-24


Born 1932-04-12. Domain:Performing. Cause of death:Age

He was a French actor. He has played in more than a hundred films in which he brought life to a very large diversity of roles, from the banal citizen (Les Galettes de Pont-Aven), to the serial killer (Sans mobile apparent), to the World War II hero (Les Milles), to the compromised spy (La Valise), to the has-been actor (Les Grands Ducs), to his portrayal of Jacques Saunière in (The Da Vinci Code (film) , acting always with the same excellence whatever the quality of the movie in itself. He is well known for his outspokenness and especially for his warm and cavernous voice which is often imitated by French humorists considering him as the archetype of the French gentleman.


Cassel Seymour. 2019-04-07


Born 1935-01-22. Domain:Performing. Cause of death:Age

Cassel first came to prominence in the 1960s in the pioneering independent films of writer/director John Cassavetes. The first of these was Too Late Blues (1961), followed by Faces (1968), for which he was nominated for an Academy Award and won a National Society of Film Critics Award. Cassel went on to appear in Cassavetes' Minnie and Moskowitz (1971), The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976), Opening Night (1977), and Love Streams (1984).


Pon Maurice. 2019-04-03


Born 1921-10-26. Domain:Writing. Cause of death:Age

French songwriter who wrote more than 1000 songs. Worked much for Henri Salvador.


Asghedom Ermias Davidson (alias: Nipsey Hussle). 2019-03-31


Born 1985-08-15. Domain:Music. Cause of death:Murder

Known professionally as Nipsey Hussle (often stylized as Nipsey Hu$$le), he was an American rapper and songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Emerging from the West Coast hip hop scene in the mid-2000s, Hussle initially became known for his numerous mixtapes, including his Bullets Ain't Got No Name series, The Marathon, The Marathon Continues and Crenshaw, the latter of which rapper Jay-Z, bought 100 copies for $100 each. After much delay, his debut studio album Victory Lap was released in February 2018 to critical acclaim and commercial success, and was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards in 2019. Hussle was shot and killed outside his store, Marathon Clothing, in South Los Angeles on March 31, 2019


Varda Arlette (alias: Agnès Varda). 2019-03-29


Born 1928-05-30. Domain:Directing. Cause of death:Age

She was a Belgian-born French film director. Her films, photographs, and art installations focused on documentary realism, feminist issues, and social commentary with a distinctive experimental style.


Noguez Dominique. 2019-03-15


Born 1942-09-12. Domain:Writing. Cause of death:Age

He was a French writer. He won the Prix Femina in 1997, for Amour noir. He taught the history of film at the Sorbonne. He was an early defender of Michel Houellebecq.


Bodoin Jacques. 2019-03-08


Born 1921-03-26. Domain:TV/Radio. Cause of death:Age

He was the voice of Pollux, a French cartoon of the 60's.


Loussier Jacques. 2019-03-05


Born 1934-10-26. Domain:Music. Cause of death:Age

He was a French pianist and composer well known for his jazz interpretations, arranged for trio, of many of the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, such as the Goldberg Variations. The Jacques Loussier Trio, founded in 1959, played more than 3,000 concerts and sold more than 7 million recordings—mostly in the Bach series. Loussier composed film scores and a number of classical pieces, including a mass, a ballet, and violin concertos. Loussier's style is described as third stream, a synthesis of jazz and classical music, with an emphasis on improvisation. Loussier suffered a stroke during a performance at the Klavier-Festival Ruhr on 14 July 2011, and retired from the stage.


Flint Keith Charles. 2019-03-04


Born 1969-09-17. Domain:Music. Cause of death:Suicide

He was an English singer, musician and dancer, best known as a vocalist and dancer for the electronic music band The Prodigy. Flint performed vocals on both of The Prodigy's number one singles – "Firestarter" and "Breathe" – which were released in 1996. He was also the lead singer of his own band Flint. More recently he had success as a motorcycle race team owner and manager – with his Team Traction Control winning three Isle of Man TT races in 2015 and competing in the British Supersport Championship running Yamaha YZF-R6 motorcycles. On 4 March 2019, following concerns for his welfare, police were called to Flint's home, where he was found dead. The police were not treating his death as suspicious. A post on The Prodigy's Instagram page states the death was a suicide.


Perry Coy Luther (alias: Luke Perry). 2019-03-04


Born 1966-10-11. Domain:Performing. Cause of death:Stroke

He was an American actor. He became a teen idol for playing Dylan McKay on the TV series Beverly Hills, 90210 from 1990 to 1995, and again from 1998 to 2000. He also starred as Fred Andrews on the CW series Riverdale, and had guest roles on notable shows such as Criminal Minds, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Simpsons, and Will & Grace. Perry had a massive stroke at his home in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, on February 27, 2019. He died from complications on March 4 at the age of 52. At the time of his death, Perry was engaged to Wendy Madison Bauer.


Starobinski Jean. 2019-03-04


Born 1920-11-17. Domain:Writing. Cause of death:Age

He was a Swiss literary critic. His knowledge of medicine and psychiatry brought him to study the history of melancholia (notably in the Trois Fureurs, 1974). He was the first scholar to publish work (in 1964) on Ferdinand de Saussure's study of anagrams.


Pallies Christopher Alan (alias: King Kong Bundy). 2019-03-04


Born 1955-11-07. Domain:Sport. Cause of death:Unknown

He was an American professional wrestler and actor, better known by his ring name, King Kong Bundy. He is best known for his appearances in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in the mid-1980s and mid-1990s. He wrestled in the main event of WrestleMania 2 in 1986, facing Hulk Hogan in a steel cage match for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship. In July 2016, Pallies joined a class action lawsuit filed against WWE which alleged that wrestlers incurred "long term neurological injuries" and that the company "routinely failed to care" for them and "fraudulently misrepresented and concealed" the nature and extent of those injuries. The suit was litigated by attorney Konstantine Kyros, who has been involved in a number of other lawsuits against WWE. The case was dismissed by US District Judge Vanessa Lynne Bryant in September 2018.


Perato Marguerite (alias: Mag Bodard). 2019-02-26


Born 1916-01-03. Domain:Society. Cause of death:Age

She was a film producer, known for The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964), Au Hasard Balthazar (1966).


Hollis Mark David. 2019-02-25


Born 1955-01-04. Domain:Music. Cause of death:Unknown

He was an English musician and singer-songwriter. He achieved commercial success and critical acclaim in the 1980s and 1990s as the co-founder, lead singer and principal songwriter of the band Talk Talk. Hollis wrote or co-wrote most of Talk Talk's music, including hits like "It's My Life" and "Life's What You Make It".


Donen Stanley. 2019-02-21


Born 1924-04-13. Domain:Directing. Cause of death:Age

He was an American film director and choreographer whose most celebrated works are On the Town (1949) and Singin' in the Rain (1952), both of which starred Gene Kelly who co-directed. His other films include Royal Wedding (1951), Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954), Funny Face (1957), Indiscreet (1958), and Charade (1963). He began his career in the chorus line on Broadway for director George Abbott, where he befriended Kelly. Film director and comedian Elaine May was his partner from 1999 until his death in 2019. He was the last surviving notable director of Hollywood's Golden Age.


Lagerfeld Karl Otto. 2019-02-19


Born 1933-09-10. Domain:Society. Cause of death:Age

He was a German creative director, fashion designer, artist, photographer and caricaturist who lived in Paris. He was known as the creative director of the French fashion house Chanel, a position he held from 1983 until his death, and was also creative director of the Italian fur and leather goods fashion house Fendi, and of his own eponymous fashion label. He collaborated on a variety of fashion and art-related projects. He was recognized for his signature white hair, black sunglasses, fingerless gloves, and high, starched detachable collars. Lagerfeld lost 42 kg (93 lb) in 2001. He explained: "I suddenly wanted to dress differently, to wear clothes designed by Hedi Slimane.... But these fashions, modeled by very, very slim boys—and not men my age—required me to lose at least 40 kg. It took me exactly 13 months." The diet was created specially for him by Dr. Jean-Claude Houdret , which led to a book called The Karl Lagerfeld Diet. He promoted it on Larry King Live and other television shows. Following health complications in January 2019, Lagerfeld was admitted to the American Hospital of Paris in Parisian suburb Neuilly-sur-Seine on 18 February. The next morning, he died at that hospital, aged 85.


Ganz Bruno. 2019-02-16


Born 1941-03-22. Domain:Performing. Cause of death:cancer (colorectal)

He was a Swiss actor who had been a prominent figure in German language film and television for more than fifty years. He had collaborated several times with filmmakers Werner Herzog, Éric Rohmer, Francis Ford Coppola and Wim Wenders, with the latter first as Jonathan Zimmerman in The American Friend (1977) and again as Damiel the Angel in both Wings of Desire (1987) and Faraway, So Close! (1993). In 2018, doctors in Salzburg found that Ganz was suffering from intestinal cancer, and he immediately began chemotherapy. He died on 15 February 2019 in Zürich, Switzerland.


Ungerer Jean-Thomas. 2019-02-09


Born 1931-11-28. Domain:Art. Cause of death:Age

He was a French artist and a writer in three languages. He published over 140 books ranging from much loved children's books to controversial adult work and from the fantastic to the autobiographical. He was known for sharp social satire and witty aphorisms.


Finney Albert. 2019-02-07


Born 1936-05-09. Domain:Performing. Cause of death:Age

He was an English actor who worked in film, television and theatre. He attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and worked in the theatre before attaining prominence on screen in the early 1960s, debuting with The Entertainer (1960), directed by Tony Richardson, who had previously directed him in the theatre. He maintained a successful career in theatre, film and television. He is known for his roles in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (also 1960), Tom Jones (1963), Two for the Road (1967), Scrooge (1970), Annie (1982), The Dresser (1983), Miller's Crossing (1990), A Man of No Importance (1994), Erin Brockovich (2000), Big Fish (2003), The Bourne Ultimatum (2007), Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (2007), The Bourne Legacy (2012), and the James Bond film Skyfall (2012). Finney died from a chest infection.


Sarre Georges. 2019-01-31


Born 1935-11-26. Domain:Politics. Cause of death:Age

He was a French politician and leader of the Citizen and Republican Movement. Sarre was an early supporter of Jean-Pierre Chevènement and François Mitterrand within the new Socialist Party (PS), which he joined at the famous Epinay Congress in 1971. He was the Socialist top candidate in the 1977 Paris municipal election but lost the election by a handful of votes to Jacques Chirac.


Chapier Henry. 2019-01-27


Born 1933-11-14. Domain:TV/Radio. Cause of death:Age

Henry Chapier was born in Bucharest, Romania, the son of an international lawyer and an actress of Austrian descent. He was forced to leave Romania in 1948 due to expulsion of French people.


Legrand Michel. 2019-01-26


Born 1932-02-24. Domain:Music. Cause of death:Age

He was a French musical composer, arranger, conductor, and jazz pianist. Legrand was a prolific composer, having written over 200 film and television scores, in addition to many songs. His scores for the films of French New Wave director Jacques Demy, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964) and The Young Girls of Rochefort (1967), earned Legrand his first Academy Award nominations. Legrand won his first Oscar for the song "The Windmills of Your Mind" from The Thomas Crown Affair (1968).